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Powerful Schema &
Code Creator for iFrame Stacks!


No more pain with schema! UpSchema introduces easy to create & Push schema to all your sites from a single place...

  • Push schema to any WordPress Site
  • Rank more Areas for your GMB’s
  • Rank more GMB Keywords
  • Stop creating schema again & again, use our duplicate feature
  • Verious type of schema you need in one place
  • Create powerful iframe stacks with schema intergrated
  • Create powerful iframe stacks with our backlink feature
  • Add keywords to boost website entity
  • Rank With Schema Training

UpSchema + iFrame Mixer

Simple to use, Powerful Impact!


Create Powerful Embeds & Real iFrame Stacks!


Mix schema with iFrame embeds our one click tool!

Create entity or proximity based schema

Integrate schema code with iframes

Create powerful iframe stacks!

One Dashboard to Manage Schema for All Your Sites!

Clean & Easy schema! Improve your ranking!

Create clean schema without errors!

Push schema to single location pages

No need to recreate the code against and again

Most types of schema in one place including FAQ, Product and more


UpSchema Packages

on Annual Subscription!


$57 /mo
$563 /yr
  • 100 Schema Creation
  • 3 Websites
  • Easy schema using forms
  • Push to WordPress Sites
  • Smart Tags for WordPress
  • iFrame mixer


$77 /mo
$763 /yr
  • 250 Schema Creation
  • 20 Websites
  • Easy schema using forms
  • Push to WordPress sites
  • Smart Tags for WordPress
  • Custom fields
  • iFrame mixer

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