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With Google Search results and other Google products such as Google Maps, people can easily discover and attend events. This feature has the following benefits:

You can apply to have your events featured in the event experience on Google, complete with your logo, event description, and more.

Increased chances of finding your event posting and converting: People have a new way of interacting with your event posting and clicking through to your website. Find out how Eventbrite grew traffic from Google searches by 100% year-over-year.

Event Schema generator

Using this Schema.org generator, you can add additional information about your event to Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs): date, location, etc.

If you are planning to host an event soon, you may wish to utilize this tool. By clicking Create Codes for Event and filling out all the fields, you get a markup that shows more information about your event in search results. These details include information such as your event date, your location, the start and end times, and a description of your event. Also, schema code can be entered and the fields automatically populated with the appropriate data.

Online event schema generator

What is Event Schema?

Event schema SEO

Events schemas specify behaviors that should be followed when certain events occur. In the form of a script, this provides you with advice on what to do, how to react, and what to say in a particular situation.

People possess a variety of schemas, including:

Schemas for specific individuals are called person schemas. You could, for example, include information about your friend's appearance, her behavior, and her personality.

In social schemas, you can find general information about how people behave in different social situations.

Self-schemas are based upon a person's knowledge of themselves. Both what you are aware of about your current self and what you envision about your future self should be considered.

How to generate Event Schema?

You must add schema markup to your events if you want your attendees to easily find out what they will be learning from the search engines.

By adding schema markup to event pages, you can make them more appealing to Google and create beautiful event pages.

Not only will this improve your website's search engine optimization, but it will also give you greater exposure to those searching for you or your events. UpSchema is the best tool to use for implementing schema markup.

It adds schema markup to pages and posts using the UpSchema tool.

Free online schema markup generator for event
Why use Event Schema?

This schema type is one of the types of structured data that Google supports for Rich results, which enhance your site's search rankings, increase your organic presence, and ultimately attract more clicks.

Is your organization or business involved in the organization of events? Is your website used for the promotion of these events? Would you like to attract more attendees to your events? You can use the Event Schema Markup if your answer to these questions is yes.

While structured data isn't a ranking factor directly, it aids search engines in understanding the context of websites. In particular, Google emphasizes the relevance of structured data. You will help Google understand your Events pages better by using Event Schema for your pages, and in turn, receive more traffic from Rich Results by following this procedure.