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If users search for a business in Google search or Maps, Google Knowledge Panels may appear prominently at the top of the search results with details about that business. When they perform a query, the user may see a carousel of businesses related to their search (for example, "best NYC restaurants"). You can incorporate structured data into your Local Business profile to provide Google with details regarding business hours, departments within a business, reviews, etc.

You may use the Maps Booking API to enable users to make bookings, payments, and other actions directly from the search results.

Local business schema generator

We have designed this online tool to work with JSON-LD files. Click Here for instructions on how to create your structured data in hCard Micro Data.

The structured data describes what's on the page and what it's about. Search engines such as Google can read and interpret markup languages more effectively than humans. By adding a Local Business Schema to your website, you will be able to inform Google that you are offering services in a particular area.

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JSON-LD and Microdata are the two primary types of schema you can use according to the architecture of your website. According to Google, the JSON-LD format is recommended since the search engine can easily read JSON-LD that is dynamically injected into a web page through JavaScript code or embedded widgets.

Create JSON-LD schema markups for your local business with our free local business schema generator. For your business to display in a rich snippet format in Google search engine results, we will help you generate Schema.org structured data markup. The software allows the syndication of NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number) information. It is possible to incorporate the code into your website once it has been completed. Once your code is finalized, we recommend testing it with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

What is local business schema?

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This type of structured data markup code can be added to your business's website so that search engines can easily recognize the type of organization you represent and the services you offer. This is a helpful method for enhancing your website's local SEO since it is a primary ranking factor. We will focus on a few of the most important properties you can enter into your local business schema to simplify things a bit.

How to generate local business schema?

Step One: Required Properties

Using our reference above, add the structured data properties to LocalBusiness. However, there are several other tools available, including the Schema App Highlighter and Schema App Editor, both of which we recommend.

Step Two: Structured Data Guidelines

Ensure that your markup complies with the structured data guidelines provided by Google.


to generate local business schema

Step Three: Deployment

You will be able to deploy the markup to your page after you have completed your markup if the integration method is configured correctly. Our preferred format for deployment is JSON-LD, which Google recommends.

Step Four: Validation

The Schema Markup Validator has officially replaced Google's Structured Data Testing Tool. You can use this tool to determine whether your schema markup is functioning. Please see our news post for more information on this change.

Why use local business schema?

We will show you how to define distinct entities in your content with specific identifiers (@ids aka URIs) that have their properties and relationships to each other. Structured data such as schema markup can be used to link these entities to a search engine's knowledge graph once they have been defined. By establishing links between information and data across the Web, you provide search engines with content they can index when crawling your site.

As a subtype of both Organization and Place, the LocalBusiness type is part of the schema.org vocabulary. As such, the LocalBusiness type inherits both types' properties. According to schema.org, a LocalBusiness is "a specific physical location of an organization.". Some examples of local businesses include restaurants, branches of a restaurant chain, banks, medical offices, clubs, bowling alleys, and so on.". You will note that the definition provides many more specific examples of local businesses.".