Organization Schema Entity

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An Organization Schema Entity is more commonly used across a wider variety of websites. You'll find everything from electronics, to lifestyle, to health, to arts & entertainment.

There are 162 countries in which Organization Schema Entity rules, including the United States, Russia, Japan, and Germany.

The value you choose should be as specific as possible. Corporations should use this value rather than Organization, which is more general. Local businesses are likely to find a category suitable to their needs. A good choice would be to use the same category as your Google My Business listing. This may not always be possible due to the differences in coding between My Business and Make the selection closest to your business.

Organization Schema generator


This free online tool allows you to create the code to mark up your "About Us" page, allowing the address of your business to be displayed right within search results.

An "About Us" page should be present on all websites. Once you enter your company's information into this tool, you will find a markup that you can use to display your address within the search results.

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Business names, addresses, post office boxes, cities, states, postal codes, and countries may be included. A field may be used to enter the existing schema, which will automatically fill out the tool to update the markup.

What is Organization Schema?

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Schema types for Organizations include logos, website addresses, social media profiles, and contact info. Schema types for Organizations are used by organizations in which people do not physically visit. LocalBusiness types are used by organizations in which people do visit.

Enhancements to the Organization snippet

On the right-hand side of the search engine results page, organizations are essentially represented by the enhanced snippet of their knowledge graph card.

These aren't easy to earn since they're mostly reserved for big companies, like Apple and Mercedes-Benz, and small ones, like Mashable.

How to generate Organization Schema?

Company, Organization, local business - a simple explanation

Markup included in Structured documents is a small piece of code added to the HTML source code in a way that is easily understood by machines (Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.). It is not shown to human users and is used only to verify the information contained in the document.

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The code consists of named pairs that give search engines explicit instructions on each piece of information. To learn more, please visit the website or the Wikipedia article.

Google's structured data testing tool can also be used to test and validate your data.

Why use Organization Schema?

Its schema markup produces brand signals that could help your Knowledge Graph entry and website snippets show up in search engine results pages.

Put your logo, social network links, and contact info in there.

However, Google (and Microsoft) can also access your markup if it is stored in an external file. A solution like this can potentially improve the management of structured data on huge sites and those using Schema markup extensively.