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Even though Person Schema Entities have grown lately, they're still behind Organization Schema Entities on all market share measures.

This category is dominated by Person Schema Entity, followed by News & Media, Community & Society, and two others.

In most countries, such as India, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and 99 others, the Person Schema Entity leads the way.

Person Schema generator

This specialized markup is added to your page's HTML code in a way that can be understood by computers (Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.). Your users will not be able to see it, and it is only used for improving the clarity and consistency of information on your page.

The code contains pairs of names that communicate clearly to search engines how specific each piece of information is. If you want more info, you can check out or Wikipedia.

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Using Google's structured data testing tool, you may also verify and test your structured data.

Every professional and personal website should use structured microdata.

What is Person Schema?

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A person's schema focuses on a specific individual. Typical schemas for your friends may include information regarding their appearance, behavior, personality, and preferences.

As a person learns new information and experiences new things, existing schemas will be modified, or new schemas may be formed.

It is easier for children's beliefs to be changed during childhood, but they become increasingly rigid as they age and more difficult to modify. People tend to continue to subscribe to their beliefs despite being presented with contradictory evidence.

People will not change their schema until they are continuously bombarded with evidence that suggests a need for modification.

How to generate Person Schema?

The Person generator will help format the information that appears on your personal search engine results so that your email address, phone number, and job title are displayed.

Snippets of information about a person are displayed well with the Person Rich Snippets Generator. Enter information into the available fields, and data will be generated to help search engines format search results in such a way that they display your phone number, job title, and address.

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Click on "create person codes" once you've entered all the information. If you have an existing schema, you can paste it in.

Each day there are a lot more websites going live, which makes it hard to stand out. Google and other search engines don't pay much attention to your website unless you do a few things to get noticed.

You can use the person schema for your about page to make your about page stand out whether you're an organization, a professional, or just a blogger.

Why use Person Schema?

Person Schema types are used for describing individuals. A person's role within an organization is often described using Author but can also be used when defining an author of an article.

Identifies a person; it is frequently applied with the definition of an Article Schema type.

The following example shows you (on your user profile in the "About Us" section of the company's website).