Product Schema Markup

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Make your product pages more search-friendly by adding a markup. That way, Google can come up with rich results for your product - even Google Images. Search results can include price, availability, and reviews.

By using markup to earn product-rich results, you can attract potential customers searching for products on Google Search or looking at images that contain products you sell. Keep your product information accurate and up-to-date to ensure that your customers can locate the items they are looking for.

Google Search now shows rich results when you mark up your product information. As an added benefit, product markup allows your content to appear with a badge in Google Images, increasing the likelihood of users clicking your content.

Product Schema Generator

UpSchema is an excellent and perfect product schema generator that generates JSON-LD markup of product schemas. When this markup is added to a web page, it helps Google identify and understand the key elements. This may include the cost of a product or service or the date of an upcoming event.

Using this schema, Google makes it possible to display extra information about your listing in search results.

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Therefore, add schema to your website based on so that your listing can stand out in the crowded result pages of search engines and be noticed. The product schema markup can be copied and pasted without requiring any programming or coding knowledge.

What is product schema?

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Schema for your product is essentially structured data about your product displayed in the search results.

Thus, search engines can publish more information about your product on their search engine results pages to create a better user experience.

A product schema is used to display more structured information about your product in search engine results.

Schema or structured data markup aims to improve eCommerce merchant search engine rankings.

Essentially, it means we display more information about the products on Google, such as user reviews, prices, and availability. These are displayed through the product schema that is embedded on each product page. provides various options for describing the data, which is the most popular platform utilized by Google and Bing for structuring data.

How to generate product schema?

It is a best practice to open up a product description on Google's reference page to determine what a Rich Snippet should look like in search results; what to do and what not to do. Ensure that you are serious about this! A violation of Google's policies may result in your website being penalized, as well as which properties are essential and those that are just recommended.

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Compared to the other schemas that I have shown you during my structured data training, this product schema will be a little more complex. There are a lot of properties in the product schema that come from the children's schema. For instance, you're going to need an "Offer" schema for the "offers" property. This is not to be feared. In addition to providing detailed explanations, I'm confident you will also comprehend everything with the tools I provide.

Why use product schema?

It is possible to think of product schema as an SEO tool to provide your audience with additional information about your product. A product schema lets search engines know more about your products, which boosts your ranking since search engines like many product info. Thus, it is beneficial for you to have these pieces of information. If you wish to take full advantage of your product schema, it is advisable to brush up on your knowledge of certain things, such as receiving company reviews.