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Rating Schema generator

Review snippets are short, concise summaries of a review or a rating that can be found on a review website, typically based on the average ratings from many reviewers. Google can display a rich snippet with stars and summary information from reviews or ratings when it finds markup identifying good reviews and ratings. Ratings are summaries of the review's text, represented by a number (1-5). Google Knowledge Panels or rich results may have review snippets.

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We will flag any missing properties if your schema contains one of the key highlights for rich snippets. We will highlight any properties not included in your schema or missing for your rich snippet. Likewise, we suggest you add the following properties to your schema for greater completeness.

What is Rating Schema?

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The author created this rating or content. The author is unique in that HTML 5 includes a mechanism for identifying authorship via the rel element. These elements are interchangeable and essentially equivalent.

You will probably receive ratings for your brand or store on a third-party website such as Trustpilot, ResellerRatings, or Google My Business. Google will see these ratings, and they will even incorporate them into the Knowledge Graph.

How to generate Rating Schema?

Do you ever wonder how some websites appear in Google search results with the beautiful yellow stars and number of positive reviews next to their web link? Briefly, websites embed a rich snippet of reviews that display a rating based on their reviews, thus encouraging Google to show this snippet alongside the search result.

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Please note the following two things before you begin:

  1. The schema code should be added to the corresponding product page: Our research revealed that Google does not support star ratings on root domains or home pages. For the schema code to appear in search engine results, the page must display a product or a service that you are offering. The schema code should be added on a product or service page rather than the homepage.
  2. Add the schema code before any other code on your page: Make sure you add it first. Therefore, the schema code must appear before any other code in your page's header. Using WordPress as a platform, you can add the code to the title for a specific page by using a plugin.
Why use Rating Schema?

Although they appear very similar, they differ fundamentally: Rich snippets pertain to organic search results, whereas Google Seller Ratings pertain to paid search results. Google Seller Ratings for businesses will continue even if rich snippets are no longer permitted for business reviews.

According to Google, the Google Seller Ratings are responsible for increasing 17 percent in clickthrough rates. Therefore, ensure that your company takes advantage of this and incorporates these ratings into its paid search ads.