Recipe Schema Markup

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You can help users find your recipe content by providing Google with structured data about your recipe. The more information you include about your recipes, such as the reviews, the preparation time, and nutrition information, the better Google can understand it and present it interestingly. Search results and images may appear for your recipe on Google.

To display your content in Google Search as a rich result, you must include the required properties. The recommended properties may also be added to provide more information about your content, enhancing the user experience.

Recipe Schema generator

Make automated structured data markup for FAQ Pages, How-tos, Articles, Job Postings, Local Business Listings, Products, Events, and People with this tool.

Using this tool, you will automatically include the necessary properties to allow Google to produce its Rich results. Thus, the tool automatically generates all of the code required to create a rich result.

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To send your data to Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, click Validate once you have completed the required fields.

Use Google's Rich Results Test Tool to find out if your page is eligible for rich results.

What is Recipe Schema?

recipe structured data

An ingredient schema is a coding structure added to web pages containing recipes, such as blog posts. (Rich cards and rich snippets are also terms commonly used to refer to recipe schema, but they refer to the outcome rather than the actual code itself.) The code is written quite unnaturally, and it looks like this (no, those aren't typos!).

Instead of verbally addressing you (i.e., writing long paragraphs about schema markup), I will try to engage with you. I will accomplish this by answering some questions about recipe schema markup and how it relates to your food blog briefly and concisely.

How to generate Recipe Schema?

Suppose you have a large number of recipes on your website. Therefore, it is logical to create a Global Snippet so that Structured Data is automatically generated on all of your recipe pages by making only one snippet. Please refer to the second module of my structured data training if you do not know what Global Snippets are. You can watch a video in which I explain to you what Global Snippets are.

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A recipe snippet is included in the plugin at this time. Is there any reason not to use it? You will generally be prompted to install the examples by the plugin. As you can see in this example, if you had missed the notification, you could always go to the plugin settings page and reinstall them by clicking on the "Go for it!"-button.

Why use Recipe Schema?

It is essential to add recipe schema to your food blog because these optimized results are so appealing that many users will not bother scrolling down past them - they will click on the optimized results before they even bother looking past them.

Before we proceed, you may want to know more about the origins of this type of code. enables webmasters to promote more structured data on the web by partnering with some of the world's leading search engines. As well as schema markups, there are several types, such as JSON-LD, microdata, and RDFa. Nevertheless, it is JSON-LD that Google (and, by extension, us) prefers owing to its ease of implementation and fewer HTML requirements than the other types.