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The review excerpt is a short portion of the review provided by a review site. The review excerpt is usually an average of the combined ratings from many reviews. Google may display a rich snippet when it finds valid markup for reviews or ratings, including stars and other summary information. As well as the text of the review, a rating is an assessment described in a numerical format (for example, 1 to 5). Reviews can be found in rich results and Google Knowledge Panels.

Review Schema generator

A markup enables Google to display product ratings and reviews within search results for your product page listings using this markup.

Those running e-commerce websites will benefit from this generator. You can then click on Create Review Codes to get markup to help Google display ratings and reviews on your product page listings. Complete all fields and click Create Review Codes to get markup. If you already have schema code, you can paste it in.

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What is Review Schema?

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Digital marketing gurus consider getting noticed on Google to be the holy grail of their business, so website owners strive to appear at the top of search results. To drive traffic and increase sales of a good or service, tactical keywords, clever taglines, and special promotions all serve the purpose of enhancing a website's visibility.

The introduction of rich review snippets to a website's HTML code is a relatively more minor well-known method but is also highly effective in grabbing attention.

In Google's search engine results pages (SERP), websites can display customer review ratings using code from the review markup implementation system. The SERPs of Google will display five stars, for example, if the website has received a five-star rating from a customer review on the internet.

How to generate Review Schema?

You're creating links between your content and the search engine's knowledge graph when you mark up your content with structured data. You can link your objects to Google's Knowledge Graph through structured data, such as schema markup, as objects are distinct entities with their properties and relationships. Information and data are linked in knowledge graphs to provide search engines with context while crawling your website.

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The Google Knowledge Panel can also benefit from structured data markup. There is a form of the information displayed as a knowledge panel in search engine results, which is provided by markup on your website or from sources that are trusted by search engines, such as Wikipedia. Google Knowledge Panel and search results can be customized with schema markup.

Why use Review Schema?

Improved online visibility: Search engine results will display information about your business. For example, a quick Google search can provide helpful information about your cleaning company.

Improve trust: These people provide unbiased feedback regarding your products or services. This creates a more trusting relationship between your company and your consumers.

Increase customer loyalty: Improved trust ratings lead to increased customer loyalty.