Video Schema Markup

Video schema markup checker

The Google Search engine provides an entry point for people to discover and view videos. By marking up your video with VideoObject, you can specifically provide information to Google such as descriptions, thumbnail URLs, upload dates, and durations. In addition to Google Search, Google Images, and Google Discover, videos can be found in Google Video results.

Even though Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have supported video schema markup for several years now, many companies are still unaware of its advantages. Unfortunately, this is not the case. On-page markup is one of the most effective ways to help search engines better understand what your website is all about.

Video Schema generator

When videos are present on a page, Google may display rich snippets. Structured data about videos are used on the page to understand better the videos shown. It is possible to view these enhanced search results across multiple Google platforms, including search, video, images, and Google Discover.

Please use the editor below to see structured data in JSON-LD or HTML/Microdata formats using vocabulary. You may also choose from one of our examples that illustrate different methods for tagging videos.

Video schema generator online

You may be able to add videos hosted on YouTube with the editor. However, ideally, you should provide links to videos hosted on your site and pages so that Google may link to your site so that people can view your videos. You will need to add a mechanism on your video pages to activate the video based on your supply query parameter.

What is Video Schema?

Free video schema code page

These are the HTML tags that are used to mark up your videos so that the search engines can recognize them. The majority of search engines utilize this markup to display more relevant and comprehensive search results.

You can think of schema tags as a snowplow that clears the road to your video, thereby making it easier for search engines to find and index it.

That is if you have marked up all of your videos properly. If you haven't done so, the video won't get plowed -- and the search engines will not be able to access and understand it.

You want to make sure that you are paving the way for video SEO success by following Google-and, thereby, Bing and Yahoo!'s.

How to generate Video Schema?

You can easily generate code to mark up your video-containing page with the Video Schema Generator. Your video-containing pages will then be eligible for video-rich snippets.

The following information will help you generate the complete code:

  • Title of the video
  • Describe the video in a few words
  • Embed Url: The URL to the video FILE. The URL is pointing to the video player. An embed tag usually contains this information in the src element, for example:
Schema mark up for video

Video embed code - Your video embed code URL

The URL where you can view the video. The link can be to a YouTube video, a blog post with the video, or just the direct URL to the video

Image of the thumbnail for the video

Date formatted according to ISO 8601. An example would be PT4M5S for 4 minutes, 05 seconds

Why use Video Schema?

It is quite evident that video schema markup has many advantages. With this markup, you can easily distinguish yourself in search results with content as valuable as video. This is because it serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, it provides search engines with all the information they need for the video to be displayed perfectly with the appropriate amount of detail.